What do you think you're going to find here?
0 comment Monday, March 31, 2014 |
Ah, what the hell?I've been avoiding most of the Who are you, what are you doing here and why do you keep looking at me? meme a la DrugMonkey that's been going around. Mostly because I comment on all of the blogs that I read and they can come here to find out all that I'm willing to divulge about myself. Most of those bloggers "know" who I am via my blog or my comments on theirs so I haven't felt compelled to comment on their meme posts redundantly.And then it occurred to me: they know who I am, but I don't necessarily know who all of my readers are. (It also occurred to me that I've been running a little thin on blog fodder since things have been getting stupidly busy and sometimes unbloggable in real life - since I've got nothing interesting to say lately, I'm copping out and hoping that my readers do.)So, folks, tell me about yourself. Even if you've never commented before. Especially if you've never commented before. I get a helluvalot more traffic than comments and it has to be coming from somewhere. You might as well stop lurking - I already know you're there (!!!) .Who are you?How'd you get here?What did you think you'd find here?What compelled you to hang around?What else is interesting about you?