Snot in my Synapses
0 comment Monday, March 17, 2014 |
I apologize for my absence gentle readers. BH and I had a lovely Turkey Day in other state. It was a long drive, but very welcome since we haven't had very much time to just hang out with each other lately. DangerDog was an excellent traveler, content to sleep in the back of the car until we crossed each state line at which point he was ushered out to pee in each new state thus expanding his territory over 10% of the United States. He is feeling quite proud of this accomplishment.BH's cousins are lovely people who can cook up a mean turkey and also have some adorable children...a.k.a. germ factories.I was hoping to return to the lab this week refreshed and rested and ready to knock out some mad science...but alas, I have been home doing battle with the virus from Hades for the last two days. There is snot everywhere - we're talking major sinus infection, which has subsequently colonized my eustachian tubes (which incidentally, makes the room lean every time I stand up) and I swear it's in my brain now too. Thinking occurs veeeeery sloooooowly...too much snot in the synapses for optimal neurotransmitter reuptake. I think I'm winning this battle and hope to be back on board and online tomorrow. In the meantime, the war rages on.