Who said my day off wouldn't be exciting?
0 comment Tuesday, July 8, 2014 |
Thing1 just brought me a bird. A real one. (Awwww, thanks buddy!) He carried it in through the cat-flap and then yowled at me very insistently until I properly acknowledged his superior hunting skillz. (He yowls as a matter of course and I generally just ignore him so it took me a while to notice the bird.)When I went to scoop up the carcass to discard it he picked it up and wouldn't let go. Fine. Be that way. So I picked him up and chucked him (with bird) out onto the second story patio and locked the door behind him. It's raining. He's informed me of how cruel I am. I could hear him from all the way across the house. Sorry mister, that bird carcass is not coming inside. This is one smart cat though. The bird carcass did eventually come inside...in his stomach. When I went to let him in, all that was left on the patio was a few feathers. Now taking bets on how long before he pukes it up.