By the numbers
0 comment Friday, July 4, 2014 |
Actual temperature: 101 degrees FHumidity: 80%Heat Index: 40 degrees too highThermostat set at: 78 degrees FActual temperature in house: 82 degrees F at 10amTemperature in attic: ~79 degrees at 10amNumber of holes discovered in AC ducts in attic: ~34Water pressure in the AA household: -2psi (yes, that's a negative value)Hours estimated until water pressure is restored: 4-6 (which translates to >8)Hours since anyone's last shower: >24Persons staying in AA household during the day: 4 (DangerDog, Thing1 & 2, Mom)Minutes spent bitching about heat and lack of H2O before leaving house today: 43Miles to work: 2.5Time to work: 12 minutes by bike, 30 minutes by footAmount of H2O required to rehydrate upon arriving at work: >1L for consumption and ~4 gallons for shower