Well this is curious....
0 comment Saturday, June 7, 2014 |
I just received a phone call from BigResearchU's parking department to inform me that I have left my motorcycle parked with the keys in it and the lights on.Funny thing is, I don't own a motorcycle.If I did however, it would be this one: Figure 1: AA's imaginary motorcycle. This motorcycle is a big part of the reason AA developed an infatuation with Gael Garcia Bernal/young Che Guevara.I think I know what happened though...Nasty-Ex has a motorcycle, and it used to be that one could add a 24-hour motorcycle pass to any after-hours garage parking pass for no extra cost...so we used to split the total cost of the parking contract. When we went our separate ways, I of course removed him from all formerly-communal accounts (BlockBuster, cell phone, and parking pass). But since the motorcycle pass is just a sticker on the bike and not a garage access card, he could conceivably continue to use it so long as no one actually ran the number to make sure it's still valid.And it seems that this is exactly what he's done. The nice parking attendants noticed his bike parked with the keys in it and chased down his expired pass to my number, as a courtesy, to inform me that my bike's lights were on.What cheek! I haven't spoken to this twit in almost 2 years and he is still using the expired parking pass from my contract (which I pay for)! Unbelievable!I am tempted to go out and move the bike to a different lot in retribution for his unceasing free-loading...but I don't know where it is parked. Balls.So instead I emailed the schmuck to let him know that my bike's lights are on and that his parking pass is expired.I almost hope someone else drives off with it in the meantime...and I'd better not get slapped with a fee for using an expired pass...you know, seeing as it's "my" bike and my parking contract.