Progress? (beware, parentheticals abound)
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Well, I am reconsidering how to reorganize what I've got in the works into a comprehensive (though less grand than I had hoped for) thesis in light of the fact that I will probably have to be out of here by August. Yipes!I have jettisoned several interesting-but-not-going-to-produce-a-paper-next-month experiments. Makes me kinda sad, but I'll get over it.I came in yesterday (Sunday! my gardening day!) for 10 hours straight (my Favorite Committee Member gave me some cold TacoBell fare to keep me from keeling over -- it was disgusting but I am oh-so-grateful) and got home stupidly late...but I GOT. SHIT. DONE.And it looks like Low-Tech Experiment that I'm working on with FCM will indeed be a good work-around for the Shiny New Technique that has been giving me fits...maybe we can get this paper pushed out this summer.Today I spent all my time on 3 different microscopes collecting 5 different data sets (one of my lab mates thought I was home sick today because I spent so much time in the scope room)...and have one scope working around the clock for the next three days getting another set wrapped up (I hope) - where would I be without automation?I have the ball rolling on several experiments so that all I have to do for the next few days is stay on top of now I can sleep.I am an experimentin' fool! I am exhausted and have a raging headache (oh please, oh please, oh please don't turn into a migraine before I get home) and I am out of here.

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