A little lighter
0 comment Thursday, June 12, 2014 |
Things have been stressful lately. They likely will continue to be for the next 10 days or so.However, I feel a bit as if a weight has been lifted.Awesome Technician gave me my (finally interpretable) results from hated data set yesterday - they are SWEET! The conclusions are just as I expected. Today I am working them up into a pretty figure to send off to GrAdvisor, wherever he is at Mystery Meeting. This makes my manuscript SOOOO much easier to finish. One more experiment to put the finishing touches on this week before presenting my (very very nearly complete) story on this project at International Conference on Tropical Island (departure in t-10 days). Also discovered that I do finally have colonies from my spiteful cloning project. Prep! Sequence! Inject! Hopefully before committee meeting in t-9 days.It can be done. I am confident.So confident in fact that I figured I could spare an hour and went to get my hair cut. It has been so long since my last haircut that my favorite cutter-of-hair almost didn't recognize me. It has been so long that my hair was so long that the amount she cut off was enough to donate to Wigs for Kids. So I did. When she finished the blow-dry and style and turned me around to have a look she asked, "How's that for starting your day a little lighter?"A little lighter indeed.