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As a new post-doc in a undergrad/grad student-rich department, under explicit directives from the PI to be a leader and mentor to the UGs/GSs, and needing to get some all-important leadership/mentoring opportunities lined up for myself as a part of some fellowship applications, I am considering the following course of action.I might propose to the PI/Dept. Chair to give a series of seminars/workshops on some (hopefully relevant) research skills for the UG/GS contingent.Some possible topics include:Data presentation (may be split into multiple sessions - statistical analysis, imaging, etc.)Working with Model Organism X (a new addition to this dept.)Using online databases (ENSMBL, UCSC genome browser, MGI, etc.)It would be pretty minimal effort on my part since I will be mining slides and info from previous stuff I've done on these topics, and I think it would be both beneficial to my fellowship applications as well as to the students who could use these skills (assuming I do a good job).Some questions for my readers:Do you have other suggestions for good topics?Were there any particular topics that you wish someone had told you about earlier in your research career (particularly any which a brief 45-minute introduction to might have made things easier for you)?Suggestions on how to propose this without looking like a know-it-all asshat and/or pissing off the students who really don't want yet another seminar to go to?