Top Ten Things I Do NOT Want To Find In The Lab
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Dr. Isis has a funny list of things she does not want to find in the lab...or in a potential love interest's apartment. I am amused by this, so I have composed my own. Enjoy.Drops of mercury anywhere but the mercury disposal container. I can't tell you how often this happens, nor can I tell you why.Random non-biohazard shit in the biohazard bins. Biohazard cleanup is my lab duty, so when the bins are filling up with other crap it's more unnecessary work for me.Mouse carcasses anywhere but the carcass freezer. Gross. Just gross. Usually they're left on the dissection bench between dissection and clean-up (fair enough) but sometimes that period stretches out for the better part of a day. Gross.Over-shared stories about you and your significant other's sexual exploits. It's great that you have a satisfying sex life but that's between you and your partner. It really has nothing to do with me and I'd like to keep it that way. Let's try for some modicum of professional demeanor here folks.Random puddles of unidentified liquids anywhere. Especially the floor.Pants with holes in unfortunate places. Why? Keep your underwear to yourself please. And have you considered the safety hazard? I mean holes in the knees are one thing but the implications of dropping something caustic on your barely covered crotch don't bear thinking about.Agar plates growing FSM-knows-what left in the incubator for weeks. Do people really forget that they put plates in there?Cardboard freezer boxes covered in several centimeters of hairy multi-colored mold which renders the label on said box unreadable and the contents of said box likely contaminated. (Our fridges aren't very good at humidity control.)Razor blades or disposable scalpels in the sink (or anywhere but the sharps containers really).Capes. On anyone.

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