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(Random Bullets of Crazy-Making)Increasingly shrill emails from GrAdvisor re: all the paperwork bullshit that I have to submit to ask for permission.Yes, yes, I am aware of it. I am waiting to include information from the ManuBeast draft which has been sitting on his desk for over a week.Deep breaths. Respond to content, not tone.Previously agreed upon criteria for permission-asking=ManuBeast submission. Did I mention that it's been sitting on his desk for over a week?One of the myriad check-boxes (which must be marked "yes" in order to grant permission) on one of the myriad forms that committee must sign says, "Is student taking responsibility for the project?"Where is the one that says, "Is advisor meeting commitments and responsibilities for the project?"I can't find that box.I might write one in.I don't think they'd notice.There is no way I will have time to finish edits, send draft to co-authors, wait for it's return and then submit the manuscript before this meeting.Did I mention that submission was the criterion for getting permission?Did I also mention that I didn't want to schedule this meeting so early?GrAdvisor will most likely step up to the plate on this one (he has done so before) and convince my committee to go ahead and give me the go ahead since we're just in the final text-editing phase anyway, but FUCK! I hate it when I can't meet the commitments I've made because of someone's else's actions which are beyond my control. I hate hate HATE looking like I'm the one who has dropped the ball.This is fucking hazing. It reminds me of being in bootcamp or something and being punished by the drill sargeant for not having something done yesterday that I was only told to do today. Completely illogical and non-sensical, but my fault nonetheless. Because redefining people's reality for them is what keeps them subservient.