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When you are thinking of trying something new, and you need to get reagents/information from someone else to do it, do you:A) tell them that you are interested in trying something new and would like to try it with their stuff, and ask for info/reagents point-blank?B) help yourself to their lab notebook, and then get all huffy when they ask what you're doing with it?C) concoct some red herring about why you want their reagents/info in the first place which has little or nothing to do with what you're actually intending?D) offer your help or collaboration on a marginally related project and hope that the info/reagents you actually need will just sort of rub off on you?Just to make it a little more fun, does your answer change if you are requesting reagents/info from your labmate, someone in friendly neighbor lab, someone in unfriendly neighbor lab, or a complete stranger?