Aimated gif is so, get with the program!
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Hooookay. Let's suppose that you run a company which provides a service to research scientists. In order to make sure that you stay in business, you must provide excellent service to these scientists, because there are about a bajillion other companies that also provide this service. What makes you unique is your personalized service, door-to-door pick-up and delivery, and excellent word-of-mouth references.AA is tres impressed.So AA checks out your website (which sports lots of flash and animated gif bling - not impressed), notes that you say you get optimum results when the scientists' samples are prepped and submitted in a certain way, so she preps and submits her samples exactly as the website specifies. You turn around AA's results in 18h.AA is giddy with your service.Except that the results are crap. Not so impressed.So AA rings you up, and gets the actual dude who performed the actual assay on the phone. Kind of impressed. He tells AA that in fact, they prefer that sample prep and submission be performed in any way EXCEPT the way it's stated on the website now, because some reagents in their website-recommended strategy have changed and this effs everything up. Grrr. Actual dude who performed the actual assay is happy to re-prep and re-run AA's samples himself - no need to resubmit - and will drop off some free aliquots of their currently preferred reagent (they don't make it) directly to the lab on Monday so we can use that next time we submit. AA is distinctly NOT impressed with the maintenance of your website, but rather pleased with the customer service.Moral of the story - website maintenance is KEY people, especially if you are a small boutique sort of company that has to compete with the big dogs. Lose the gif animation and make sure your info is up to date.