AA is a very cranky bunny today.
0 comment Wednesday, May 21, 2014 |
Arrrrrgh! It drives me bat-shit crazy when other people mess with my stuff. I think I'm generally pretty reasonable about this sort of thing. I don't really mind when people borrow my personal reagents so long as they put them back where they found them and order me some replacements. I have even been known to share critters with my colleagues when it is arranged in advance (and even in one case when it wasn't). I'm fairly gracious and generous with my time and reagents when other people have a need for them. I think that this makes me a pretty good colleague. There is little drama so long as my work (and the things I need to do it) are respected...and they usually are.But truly messing with my stuff without saying anything to me really crosses the line. I recently discovered that someone re-sorted all my samples while I was mid-way through processing them. This person had their reasons, and technically the authority to do so, but they didn't need to do this. In fact, this person doesn't actually use these samples themselves. If they had talked to me first I could have explained my reasons for maintaining their current organization until I finished processing (just a few days). This would have saved me several hours of work reorganizing my data to reflect the New World Order. Not happy about this. But what's really chapping my hide is the total lack of respect for my work and my time that is evidenced by the fact that this person just didn't think it would be pertinent to inform me of their interference either before or after the fact. I discovered the New World Order myself while trying to get through the second step of processing in a very limited time frame and had to spend even more valuable time sorting it out so no information was lost in the crossfire. Really not happy about this.