Today is a good day
0 comment Thursday, April 24, 2014 |
I'm not a weepy person in general, but I got all choked up listening to the Inauguration Address. Damn it feels good to hear some solid priorities and positive thinking from the leader of our nation!And he said "science"! Not just "science" but "return science to it's rightful place" -- w00t! And "non-believers"...still, more about faith, but at least he mentioned non-believers on the level with various religious people instead of dismissing them as non-entities! It was so weird to hear these things coming out of the mouth of our president. I think they used to be dirty words.It was also an unfamiliar sensation to listen to the national anthem with no taste of shame. I used to get a little uncomfortable whenever I heard it -- probably because of the rabid nationalism that tended to emanate from the people who really got into it. Now I feel like I can get into it too without implicitly supporting so many heinous things our country was doing.I know that we are still a long way from fixing all of this, but here's a big step in the right direction. It's nice to be moving forward again.Anyway, Happy Inauguration Day everyone!