Killing it slowly
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Title - ???? I still got nothin'.Abstract - DONEChapter 1 (Intro) - DONEChapter 2 (Project 1) - DONEChapter 3/4 (Project 2/3) - Fuck it. I'm just going to merge them. This will require writing some transitions when I stick them together but it's better than writing a whole new intro and discussion.Chapter 5 (Summary) - DONEFigures - need scale bars on one, and to add 2 panels to another - images are taken I just haven't had time to get to this today - tomorrow the figures will be done.References - Salvaged - Took me the better part of an afternoon fighting with my EndNote library before admitting defeat by a corrupted file. After some tedious copy-pasting into a new document, it seems to be behaving now.I'm afraid that I'm not going to do projects 2/3 much justice. The findings are really exciting and I'm very proud of these projects. I just. can't. write. about them anymore. I'm not loving this chapter. It's rough around the edges and not so well-organized...or maybe it's fine but I've been looking at it so long that I just can't even tell anymore. You know how if you stare at your own face in the mirror for long enough you start to look like a stranger? I'm having a very similar experience with this chapter. I should pass it off to someone else to look at for a while but I don't feel like it's good enough to even do that yet.