Food Poisioning and Mental Health Days
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Ick...departmental seminar provides pizza for lunchtime forum on Tuesdays. Note to self: never again. Food poisoning sucks the big one, but the upshot is an enforced "mental health day" wherein I stay in bed, catch up on sleep, maybe take the dog for the longer walk that he really deserves and generally decompress from the madness of the last few weeks. If not for the rumbly in my tumbly I think that would rather enjoy this. However, were it not for physical illness I would feel compelled to go to the lab and scramble to gets so many experiments finished/started/analyzed that I would leave myself no time for mental decompression, let alone just thinking.It's been a busy couple of weeks. My dissertation work has, I think, reached that magical point at the end of one's graduate career where everything that has not worked for the last several years finally says, "OK kid, you've paid your dues and fought the good fight while we threw as much crap as we could muster at you, and you more games." All of a sudden, all at once, all these experimental techniques that I have been trouble-shooting and tweaking for literally YEARS all started working, as if by magic. Normally, I have several things going at once with the understanding that at least half of them will not produce I focus on the ones that do in order to have shiny new data to pacify GrAdvisor, while the non-working ones get put on the back burner. This strikes me as an inefficient use of time but I can't seem to find a better way to do it. Anyway, when Everything (rather than

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