A Quick Rundown on the New Gig
0 comment Monday, April 28, 2014 |
Boss - Awesome! Took a few weeks to get over the getting-to-know-you awkwardness, but now I am quite pleased by our working relationship. Enthusiastic, easy to talk to. Quite a nice change from the previous.Lab Facilities - Generally nice, lots of windows and a nice view, newly renovated, but missing a few tricks. Why is there a line-in for tap water in the tissue culture hood but no vacuum line anywhere in the lab? Why are the -80C freezers at the other end of the building?Labmates - Great so far. Small lab, with lots of undergrads that come and go, nice officemates. Everyone is very helpful and seem glad to have me here.Admin - A little discombobulated, but very helpful solving problems. Didn't get my contract until after I started working, or the list of stuff to bring to HR on the first day until a week later, but when I ask for something specific I get an immediate (and helpful response).Resources - Somewhat disappointing, but I've been a bit spoiled by the flush department of my previous gig. I am still using my nearly-dead 6yo laptop because there are no lab or departmental funds to buy me a new computer. Could I get one on fellowship $$? Sure, but in the meantime, I'd be writing said fellowship on the Nanodrop workstation. So guess where that hike in my salary's going? Dell, it's your lucky day.Perks - Good benefits (including retirement!), cheap(!) parking (but walking distance from home), gym membership.Campus - Fantastic. So nice to be back on a college campus where other people do equally important but different things than you do.Project - Exciting, full of potential, but still not off the ground yet. I'm pioneering some stuff for this lab, so it's been fun, but I'm itching for some data already.

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