On Courtesy
0 comment Friday, March 21, 2014 |
Earlier today I was working on a critical task at my computer. I could not afford to lose my place and I was focusing very intently. This sort of thing happens in laboratories. Most people have the good sense not to interrupt, or, upon realizing that they have interrupted, to wait for a better time to converse. Some people do not.AA: [typity typity type type type click *shit!* ctrl+z typity type...]Labmate: (shouts from end of bench bay) Hey AA!AA: (without looking up) [type type type *fuck!* ctrl+z] Yes?Labmate: (louder) HEY! AA!AA: (without looking up) [type type type *goddammit!* ctrl+z typity type] Yes, Labmate??Labmate: AA! *snaps fingers*AA: (without looking up) [WTF!?!?!!??? type type *fuck!* ctrl+z type ] *snarl* DO NOT snap your fingers at me!Labmate: (still not getting that the center of universe is elsewhere) Well, you have to look.AA: (without looking up) [type type type *sonofabitch!* ctrl+z] YOU have to have a little respect for other people around here. I am in the middle of something. If you cannot be bothered to tell me what is so godalmighty important that I must stop what I am doing right this second and lose my place to see it, then it is not that important. [typity type] I am not a dog. I do not respond favorably to people snapping their fingers at me. It is incredibly disrespectful, as is your interruption. If there is something that you want me to see, it will have to wait until I am done with this, or at least at a good stopping place. [type type type *shit!* ctrl+z]Labmate: (storms off in a huff)I still have no idea what Labmate wanted to show me. Huh. I guess it wasn't that important.