I hate Tuesdays
0 comment Thursday, March 27, 2014 |
Seriously, they're worse than Mondays. How could that be??, you ask.Well, I'll tell you. Tuesday are plagued by seminars and group meetings and various other fora...all or most of which GrAdvisor has made it abundantly clear that we are expected to attend. Many of which I actually find interesting most of the time. Two of which frequently, but not always, nor in any predictable fashion, provide free pizza. One of which provides free cookies and soft-drinks if you get there early enough.There are many reasons for attending all these fora, and one very good one for skipping them: if I attend all the impressed-upon-me-that-attendance-is-important thingys on Tuesday that leaves me with precisely three blocks of time when I am actually in the lab, comprising 1.5, 0.5, and 0.75 hours, respectively.I cannot get anything done on Tuesdays. And it falls towards the middle of the week, which means that any time-sucking multi-day protocols must be scheduled so that they do not fall on Tuesdays which frequently extends my working days into the weekends. It also means that if I have to do a time-sucking multi-day protocol I cannot start it on Monday, making my Mondays somewhat less productive as well. This does not make me very happy.Nor does getting absolutely nothing done today. I am going to go visit my mice, attend the final seminar of the day and then go home and do something that does make me happy.