I can haz chestnuts? I can haz chili?
0 comment Monday, March 24, 2014 |
M & M's firebowl was such a hit that we went out yesterday and acquired one of our own. And upon our return we received a phone call from M & M, who were at the one supermarket that BH had not hit in his quest for chestnuts...guess what they found there? Yep, chestnuts. So we are having M & M over to ours tonight for AA's Kick-Ass Chili and roasted chestnuts and more firebowling. This may become a weekly event as long as the weather remains cool enough to enjoy open flames, and I highly recommend that those of you who are able add this to your winter traditions.You're on your own as far as getting yourself a firebowl and some chestnuts, but I'll help you out on the chili. Here's what you need for the Kick-Ass Chili recipe:One large steak (preferably buffalo steak leftover from delicious steak dinner last night)...best when pan-fried to rare/medium-rare in bacon fat, but if you're worried about your arteries I will not begrudge you a different steak-cooking method.One pound bulk pork chorizo - this is a soft sausage of Spanish origins made with paprika as the primary seasoning for those of you not in the know. If you can't find it in bulk you may also buy links of chorizo and cut the casing to release the guts of the sausage. It sometimes found in "hot" and "mild" subspecies - the chorizo provides most of the spice for the chili so choose according to your heat tolerance.One large onion, diced.Four cloves garlic, minced.Some fresh jalapenos or canned chipotle peppers, finely chopped. I like my chili pretty spicy, so you may omit these if you're of milder inclinations.Two cans beans - I prefer black beans because they're pretty but the variety isn't really that critical.Two cans diced tomatoes - I like the garlic and oregano flavor but again, variety isn't important to overall success.One bottle beer - pick one with a lot of flavor. I've done this with anything from IPA to stout. Anything with some flavor will work, but don't wuss out and try to pull this off with Bud or Coors or Corona or similar pee-in-a-can...yuck!Cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder, cayenne to taste.Plain greek yogurt - this is an excellent sour cream substitute for those of you (or me) who are lactose intolerant...it's cultured so less of an issue for those lacking their own beta-galactosidase enzymes.High quality cheddar cheese, grated.Chopped green onions - green and white parts.Warm sourdough or naan bread for dipping in the chili.Slow-cooker for cooking it all up.Here's what to do:Cook up the steak if you haven't already. Dice and dump into the slow cooker.Dump beer, beans, and tomatoes into the slow cooker. If you like your chili super thick, drain the beans and tomatoes first. I ordinarily just drain the beans, but it will be delicious however much liquid you decide to include."Brown" the chorizo (pork actually goes from pink to white rather than pink to brown as it cooks so this is a misnomer)...it will actually be more of a scarlet or vermillion color because of the paprika, but what's important is that the meat is cooked through before including it in the chili. Dump into the slow cooker.In the same pan you used for the chorizo, fry up the onion, garlic and jalapenos until just transparent. Dump into the slow cooker.Stir up the stuff in the slow cooker. Season to taste with cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder and cayenne. Set slow cooker to "low", cover and let it do its thing for a few hours or until you can no longer resist the mouth-watering aroma that now pervades your home.Serve hot topped with cheddar, green onions, and greek yogurt, with bread for dipping.Enjoy.